Quilt for Cure

Welcome to Quilt for Cure! We are a non-profit charity aimed at providing comfort to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy through quilts and blankets. Our mission is to make sure no patient feels cold and helpless.

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We want to make sure each and every patient is cared for. Chemotherapy is a lonely and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be. A quilt or blanket makes the worlds biggest difference.

Home Grown

Quilt for Cure was started by a high school student to help out local community members in Fargo, ND. Currently the organization is run by local high schoolers. The program is designed so resources help the local community.


Everyday Quilt for Cure lends a hand to new patients and families. We hope to help the most patients and make an impact in the everyday lives of people. It is our pleasure to see smiling faces on the people we touch.


Our program loves to share what we are doing! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and get the latest updates. We want to make sure that every person sees how we are impacting the community.

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Frequently asked questions

At Quilt for Cure, we strive to achieve the highest level of transparency and clarity to our supporters. It is our promise to solve and question regarding the organization. Everybody should know how Quilt for Cure operates, and we will do our best to make sure that happens. Contact us through the “Contact US” page at the top. A few frequently asked questions are listed to the side. Simply click on the question and the answer will drop down.

What is Quilt for Cure?

There are currently 13 million people in the United States living with cancer. Unfortunately, that number swells by 1.6 million every year. The goal of Quilt for Cure is to bring  warmth and comfort to cancer patients during their chemotherapy treatments by giving them quilts and blankets.

Why Quilt for Cure?

Sometimes something as simple as a quilt is enough to bring a smile on a person’s face, or a sense of hope for the future. Quilt for Cure conveys the message that you are not alone in fight against cancer. It allows anybody to show their feelings to thousands of patients in the region; this program is a one of a kind.

How do we use donations?

All Quilts/Blankets sent to Quilt for Cure are distributed to cancer patients undergoing treatment. Cash donations will be used to buy quilts and materials. Materials are sent to quilting groups and high schools around ND and MN.

Thank you for the beautiful quilt. It was so kind and a comfort during an uncertain time. The future is always unknown but kind acts and comforting items make the journey better!

Teresa Schweitzer

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. After receiving the quilt I went home and wrapped myself up in it. I felt so warm, cozy and comforted. My first thought was everything will be alright! I will fight this battle with breast cancer and win!

Melissa Hulm

When my husband was given a quilt on his first day in the infusion center — it was so comforting to see him wrapped up in it! so much love and caring directed to him in that quilt. Very, very special! Thank you for the kindness.

Toni Dassenko